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October 4, 2017 / EdzardZ

How to learn faster

June 28, 2016 / EdzardZ

Praise and Mindset


Carol Dweck – A Study on Praise and Mindsets


March 7, 2016 / EdzardZ

Fall prevention game

The University of Groningen is developing a speed-skating exergame for unsupervised home-based balance training in older adults.


Speed skating exercise video game to prevent falls

January 7, 2016 / EdzardZ

De noodzaak van bewegingswetenschappen

Het lijf dat je bent is gemaakt om te bewegen.

Ik denk dus ik besta? Dacht het niet……ik beweeg dus ik besta!


December 12, 2015 / EdzardZ

Does exercise help keep our brains young?

Physical fitness may be critical for maintaining a relatively youthful and nimble brain as we age, according to a new study of brain activation patterns in older people.




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December 12, 2015 / EdzardZ

Exercise keeps the brain flexible


What if exercise could make all areas of your brain better able to learn, heal and change — in a sense, younger?

A small study published in the journal Current Biology suggests that it might do just that.








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October 5, 2015 / EdzardZ


So why don’t medical practitioners prescribe it?

Exercise elicits a wide range of health benefits, but can also be designed to produce specific clinical outcomes that improve the health and well-being of individuals with chronic disease1. In an editorial in the Canadian Family Physician, Pimlott2 described the ‘exercise pill’ as a miracle drug that has the ability to increase the capacity of almost every organ system. The wide-ranging actions of exercise cannot be matched by any prescription drug; a product designed with specific indications. As a result, multiple medications are required for patients with numerous chronic conditions. An additional benefit of exercise is that it has very few contraindications or adverse effects and there is increasing evidence that the more of the exercise pill you take, the healthier you will be3.

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April 9, 2015 / EdzardZ

De invloed van trillingen op het brein

Uit het tv programma Katja’s Bodyscan

Professor Eddy van der Zee (hoogleraar moleculaire neurobiologie) onderzoekt de invloed van beweging op het brein. Tijdens proeven zet hij muizen op trilplaten. Het blijkt dat de diertjes door de trillingen beter presteren. Dat moet natuurlijk ook even op Katja getest worden.



March 3, 2015 / EdzardZ

Relation between regular physical activity and death risk reduction

February 18, 2015 / EdzardZ



Dokters kunnen maar weinig met je stappentel app